Medication Policy

The North Pocono School District recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility for the health of their children. Although the District strongly recommends that medication be given at home, it realizes that some children require medication while in school. When medication must be given during school hours, certain procedures must be followed:

  1. The physician and the parent/guardian must complete the Authorization for Medication During School Hours form. This form is required for prescription and non prescription medications.

  2. Any medication to be given during school hours mustbe delivered directly to the school nurse, the school principal or his/her designee by the parent or a responsible adult. The school nurse or designee will keep a "Log of Student Medications Delivered to School."

  3. The medication must be brought to school in the original pharmaceutically dispensed and properly labeled container. Medication brought to school should not exceed a thirty (30) day supply unless an other amount is deemed necessary by the school nurse.

  4. A "Medication Log" will be kept for any child receiving medications during school hours.

  5. The Certified School Nurse will determine the student's ability to carry and self-administer prescribed medications such as asthma inhalers and Epi-Pens.

  6. A locked cabinet will be provided in the building for storage of medication.

  7. Upon request unused medication will be given to the parent for disposition. The School Nurse should record date, time, amount, and obtain the signature of parent/guardian or adult receiving the medication.

  8. Students are not allowed to have medications in their possession unless prior authorization from the school nurse has been received.

  9. If a student requires a medication while on a field trip,the school nurse should be notified in adequate time for arrangements to be made for the medication to be administered by the school nurse, parent or adult designee.

  10. Any student violating the district’s medication policy may face a suspension with the possibility of a hearing before the Board of Education for further disciplinary action.